"Choosing Barworks was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The ability to order 50% of our wine on consignment was a big plus, and we did not come across any other vendor that provided the same degree of flexibility. On Barworks' recommendation, we went with the wines from Yaldara Estate and they were a big hit with our guests. We received excellent service throughout and the payment, delivery and collection processes were all hassle-free. We will definitely recommend Barworks to all our friends!"

- Thomas & Sheerin

"Many of our friends recommended BarWorks to us when we are preparing for our wedding. Their service and communications were excellent. I made a mistake by bringing the remaining consignment wine home, BarWorks came to our doorstep to collect the consignment wine, we must really say GOOD JOB to the delivery guys. We highly recommend BarWorks to everyone."

- Jonathan & Grace

"We are satisfied with Barworks's prompt delivery, excellent service and also kudos to their consignment program where you can order extra wines but return if not consumed!"

- Francis Huang

"Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd has been very patient with us since day 1 of our enquiry. They gladly compiled with our request for food and wine pairing, wine tasting notes requests and other information that we required to make our buying decision. We choose Barworks from our choice of 3 wholesalers as they were the most responsive. Their Yaldara Estate Cabernet Sauvignon was a hit among my guests! Thanks again Barworks!"

- Gary Tan

"It was a wise choice for choosing "Barworks" to supply wines for our wedding day. Good feedbacks were given by our guests that the taste of the wines( Red wine/White wine ) was excellent. The price range of the wine was reasonable and on top of that, 50% of consignment on wine was a good deal and package which other vendor might not provide this similar service. The services provided by the staff which liaise with us from "Barworks" was efficient and patient. Thank you for the great service and we will definitely recommend Barworks to all our friends."

- Bryan & Teresa

"It has been a wonderful experience ordering from Barworks. Albeit the last minute order, the arrangement made was prompt and detailed. Also, the delivery and collection of wines were prompt and well done as well. The taste and quality of the wine was also well liked by guests. Thank you for making it the whole experience so wonderful as it is simple and hassle-free."

- Ryan & Huifen