Wedding FAQs
What kind of wines do we serve?

Depending on the kind of dinner served. Normally red wine will be a better choice as it harmonizes better with both with Asian & Western cuisine. Unlike white wine, red wine will not be overpowered by the strong flavours found in Asian cuisine. It is also harmless to do a little survey before placing orders. The couple may want to find out more from the wine merchants regarding popular choices and varieties.

If your wedding is outdoor which normally involves Western cuisine, you may even want to serve your guests with canapés and light finger food prior to the actual dinner. Canapés normally goes well with a white like chardonnay or a sparkling sauvignon blanc. It's important to begin with light drinks, you wouldn't want to start your wedding with a shiraz or cabernet sauvignon which is too heavy. Since it is an outdoor event, you may want to just concentrate on white wine itself. (Due to the warm weather in Singapore ) A chilled wine for outdoor is always a good idea and more enjoyable.

How Much Wine to buy for a Wedding?

One bottle of wine can serve five to six glasses depending on the size of the glasses. An average social drinker can consume between three to five glasses. An important factor to determine the ordering quantity is whether your wedding falls on a weekday or weekend. It is a known fact that people attending wedding on a weekday will drink lesser as compared to weddings falling on weekends. Keep in mind to order enough but not too much of excess on a weekday. But fear not as Barworks offer a 50% consignment on wedding wines. We take in consideration that it is important to have sufficient wine and beverages for everyone on your special day without having to spend your money on any unconsumed wines.

We also encourage wedding couples to check if the venue in which the banquet is held allows bringing in your own wine. Some venues require that you select wines off their pre-existing list; other venues will allow you to bring in your own wine but will most likely charge a corkage fee. Also, if the venue is providing Full bar then the ratio of beverage consumption will be 20% Liquor, 15% Beer & 65% Wine. In cases whereby only beer and wine are served, the ratio of beer is 20% and 80% wine.

What to serve for champagne toast?

There are no restrictions on what drinks to serve for the toast. It can be fancy or even a simple toast to whatever individual drinks your guests are having. However, offering a good drink will definitely make it more memorable moment whereby guests’ cheers and drink to their well wishes for the wedding couple.

You can go for the classic champagne like Moet & Chandon or Piper Heidsieck otherwise you may opt for a sweeter and affordable option of sparkling Prosecco and Italian moscato. Please refer to our Banquet List for the range of options we offer to wedding couples.

Hidden Cost?

Wedding couples must be reminded that hotels or restaurants wine list may face markups that can double the cost of wines. Also, most hotels and restaurants charge a corkage fee to cover the staff service to open and pour the wines. Always be reminded that there are room for negotiation for the waiver of corkage fee.

At Barworks, you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs. Prices quoted on our Banquet List are NETT and 7% GST is absorbed by us. Delivery and collection of wines are also inclusive when you purchase a minimum of 12 bottles.

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